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Aiming to design and implement fundamental algorithms, protocols, and systems that make this world a more intelligent and a better place.

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Huawei Huang (黄华威)

19 Master-student


Sicong ZHOU (周思聪)        Keshan ZHANG (张可姗)


Yang YANG (杨洋)    Zhengyu YUE (岳峥宇)    Kangying LIN (林康颖)

20 Master-student


Zhenyi HUANG (黄振毅)     Xiaowen PENG (彭肖文)


Canlin LI (李灿林)  Shenyang ZHANG (张深扬) Jianzhou ZHAN (詹建洲)



Wei KONG (孔伟)          Liuding HE (贺刘丁)