A Paper about Double-Spending Attacks towards PoW Blockchain is Accepted by IWQoS 2021

Huawei Huang, 2021-05-27

Our paper titled “Revisiting Double-Spending Attacks on the Bitcoin Blockchain: New Findings” is going to appear in IEEE / ACM International Symposium on Quality of Service 2021 (IWQoS 2021), which is going to be held on June 25-28, 2021.

Although double-spending attacks (DSA) have created a giant loss to Bitcoin, we believe that advanced versions of DSA can be developed to create new threats for the Bitcoin ecosystem. To this end, this paper presents a new type of double-spending attack, named Adaptive DSA.

Through the proposed analytical model and the disclosed insights behind Adaptive DSA, we aim to Alert the PoW-based cryptocurrency ecosystem that the threat of double-spending attacks is still at a high level.

Paper: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/351136583_Revisiting_Double-Spending_Attacks_on_the_Bitcoin_Blockchain_New_Findings

Program of IWQoS 2021: https://iwqos2021.ieee-iwqos.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/286/2021/05/IWQoS2021-Program.pdf

Presentation Slides:

[Paper Sharing] OptChain: Optimal Transactions Placement for Scalable Blockchain Sharding

今天分享一篇刚刚读的关于区块链分片理论的论文,题目是 OptChain: Optimal Transactions Placement for Scalable Blockchain Sharding,发表在 IEEE ICDCS 2019,属于分布式并行计算的顶会之一。

这篇论文的出发点是:分片区块链网络中大部分的交易 (trasactions) 都是跨片 (cross-shard) 的,这些 cross-shard trasactions 既降低了系统吞吐量 (throughput),而且增加了交易的跨片确认时间 (confirmation time)。那么是否可以通过合理地部署这些跨片的交易,使得 cross-shard transactions 的数量降低从而既可以提高系统吞吐量又可以降低跨片确认时延呢?答案是肯定的,详情请细读这篇 OptChain,它提出了一种轻量级的实时的交易放置策略,可以将已经产生关联或者即将产生关联的交易部署到相同的分片中。此外,OptChain 还可以维护分片之间的负载平衡来保障分片机制的并发性。

PS: 如果想了解更多的类似于这篇以提升区块链本身性能为目标的研究论文,请参照综述 “A Survey of State-of-the-Art on Blockchains: Theories, Modelings, and Tools” [ arXiv Page: https://arxiv.org/abs/2007.03520 ].